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Paesano Pastas

L’arte di arrangiarsi

Italians emphasize the art of ‘arrangiarsi’, wich means, making the best out of anything. And pasta is all about it. By combining few ingredients, they come up with a delicious and substantial meal.

And it is not just a simple noodle, Italians take pasta as an art in making, eating and enjoying it. Pasta involves values, culture and love for this experience.


Pasta has a deeply rooted history in Italian culture. In the Middle Ages, the first professional Italian pasta shops began popping up in Southern Italy. Eventually, large-scale factories emerged and they started to export pasta all over the world. To a point that the Pope established the Corporations of Pasta, and ruled that there could not be more than 1 pasta shop within more than 50 meters of each other to avoid conflicts.

Family & Values

One of the pillars of Italian culture is family and the importance of spending time together. Making and eating pasta together is a value to pass through generations. Also, the ease to make pasta and find it in any part of the world, allow different cultures to make their own version and always feel like home.

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